OGP x SIQ Basketball

Constantly on the edge of innovation, the team at Open Gym Premier is always looking for ways to evolve the game. We’re excited to announce our partnership with SIQ Basketball and their sports technology.

With just your smartphone and the SIQ Smart Basketball, you can turn any standard hoop into an automated shot tracking powerhouse. That means improving your shooting skills anywhere, anytime.

“SIQ smart basketballs track critical shooting data points, including makes, misses, swish percentage, shot distance, shooting percentage, form consistency, shot situation, release time, release angle, and quickness. The ball’s internal sensors do not affect its weight or flight, giving it the same look and feel as compared to a standard game ball. Using AI data modeling, millions of shots have been analyzed to inform SIQ’s patented technology to achieve over 99% accuracy when shooting indoors.”- PRNewswire

Benefitting the Players

Just last week, our OGP Coaches got first hand experience with the SIQ Basketball to use as a tool with our players. From tracking makes, misses and swishes to shot mechanics, range and hot spots and shot situations, we’re bringing basketball technology to the next level!

“For Players, one of the key features is the release speed of the shot, and by actually working on how to improve that release speed and quantifying that they’re having players advance to the next level at a higher rate than they did previously. And they’re improving their shooting percentage by using the ball as well” –CEO Erik Anderson

Crush Your Goals with Real Time Stat Tracking and check out SIQ Basketball Today!