Women’s Empowerment Month

OGP Cares hosted a special Ladies in sports conversation, which focused on recognizing and celebrating the significant contributions and influence of women during Women’s Empowerment Month. The discussion took place after Hype Her Hoops Exclusive 160 Basketball camp, a girls-only exclusive camp featuring top players around the country and was held at Open Gym Premier Ladera Ranch‘s facility.

The audience was made up of these players and parents from all over.  The Ladies in Sports Conversation was led by Ashawntee Hawkins, Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Life University and Justin Williams, senior director of OGP Cares who shared details about their journey in sports and the different pathways that sports can take these young athletes. This exclusive opportunity also allowed the girls to share their ideas on how to encourage more girls to play sports and get advice on how to reach their own goals. The Hype Her Hoops Exclusive 160 camp allowed top girls youth basketball from across all regions to gather in South Orange County for a premier basketball experience to showcase their talent.

“During Women’s Empowerment Month, the world honors the trailblazers who have shaped our past, celebrate the leaders of today, and empower the visionaries of tomorrow,” said Justin Williams, senior director of OGP Cares. 

“OGP and OGP Cares is committed to uplifting and inspiring women by trying to ignite the spark for the passion for the game of basketball and sports and paving the way for the future.”

The unique part of the conversation was that it gave the young girls exclusive insight on how college coaches recruit and evaluate young basketball players in the recruiting process, and the value of character. The Q&A portion was a highlight, said Williams, one young lady, Delilah, traveled hours to get to the camp and join the conversation. While traveling she compiled 2 pages of questions in preparation for the Q&A. The goal for OGP cares is to make this conversation be a part of the annual camp and open it up to the entire camp.