OGP gathers to support Orange County youth basketball programs in the National Day of Play

Youth basketball in Orange County connects local community to Day of Play

OGP Cares gathered with Orange County organizations Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove, the California After School Network, Positive Coaching Alliance, Play Works, Math Hoops, and ASAP to host The National Day of Play, a national effort led by LA84 and Play Equity Fund. The Day of Play was filled with training and activities to support local youth and families who have a passion for sports, such as Orange County youth basketball. 

Youth basketball is deeply rooted in Orange County’s history and in local Southern California basketball facilities; by gathering with local organizations on Day of Play, OGP Cares was able to continue to connect with up and coming athletes and families who are continuing the sport’s legacy.

Such events foster a sense of community and camaraderie among young athletes, providing them with valuable opportunities for skill development, teamwork, and physical fitness. OGP Cares x Day of Play not only promoted the sport of basketball but also encouraged healthy lifestyles and active participation in sports from a young age. These events serve as a platform for aspiring athletes to learn from experienced coaches and players, inspiring them to pursue their athletic dreams with passion and dedication.

Moreover, Day of Play enhanced OGP Cares’ reputation as a supporter of youth development and community engagement, leaving a positive impact on both the participants and the broader local community.

International Day of Play thrives in Orange County’s youth basketball community and beyond

According to the UN, through play, children learn to forge connections with others, build a wide range of leadership skills, develop resilience, navigate relationships and social challenges as well as conquer their fears. The connection between play and sports transitions from fundamental and introductory summer camps, to building confidence and ability to participate in youth basketball club basketball and tournaments. This pathway and accessibility shows how our local community thrives on positive programs for children of all abilities and ranges here in the OC.

This Day of Play was essential for OGP Cares to continue providing outlets of fun and unity for the local Orange County and Southern California youth basketball community. As such, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has enshrined play as a fundamental right of every child- and OGP Cares is excited to have participated in this year’s day here in California.

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